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(pas de sujets) [juin. 12e, 2012|01:41 am]

Zayn Malik of One Direction getting a manicure. This whole scene is so perfect to me. Can't you just picture it as a fashion-mag spread for a high-end designer? (With fancier clothes, obvz.) I can totally see it; in the ad you'd see the other male models lounging in the sofa, nonchalantly getting manicures as well, and perhaps the female journalist going over her questions in the background.
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(pas de sujets) [juin. 12e, 2012|01:29 am]

Really old collage (from 2008) that I made while I was still in uni studying illustration... We had some kind of fairy-tale assignment and I was trying to get in the spirit of it by doing this, haha.
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(pas de sujets) [juin. 12e, 2012|01:22 am]

A picture of Madonna taken by her brother, a street-style photograph by The Sartorialist, houses in East London, stock photos of bunnies and computers, a nice shirt from an Ebay auction, and a map of somewhere I can't remember.
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(pas de sujets) [juin. 12e, 2012|01:08 am]

This turned out really new age-y! Also, it looks like fall season?

Gonna try to fit in as many credits as I can remember, here we go: 1. Slaughtered teddy bear by brilliant artist Tove Edlund Dreiman, 2. Woman on the bottom right wearing the mountain print is of course Style Bubble; she took the photo but I can't remember the name of the designer she's wearing, 3. Red clay room at the top is from the amazing 1995 claymation computer game Neverhood, 4. Model in sunglasses licking the golden beetle ring is Natasha Ndlovu, 5. Grey dress by Christian Siriano, 6. Black and red dress by Ann Demeulemeester, 7. Alek Wek photographed by...someone, 8. Photo of black lady in top hat taken from Elixher's tumblr.
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Matrix cave [mai. 30e, 2012|12:08 pm]

A lot of stuff going on here, and I pretty much have no recollection of where I got any of the pictures from :(. If you know or any of it is yours, let me know and I'll credit.
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Ezra [mai. 30e, 2012|12:00 pm]

Collage featuring stock photos of pigeons and skies, ridiculously beautiful Ezra Miller, and a bunch of nice runway photos from China Fashion Week this year. Wanted it to look like a moodboard for a movie's costume design.
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I want you collage, and mysterious collage [mar. 8e, 2011|08:54 pm]

Lately I've felt a lot more into making collages than drawing. There's a huge amount of saved pictures on my computer (as well as in my real-life folders) and placing them in a context feels like gathering my thoughts.

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Fit, Function, Fashion [fév. 28e, 2010|02:43 pm]

'Practical' has come to be such a shunned word, directly connotated with 'ugly'. But all that the queen of chic herself, Coco Chanel, was trying to do when she started out was to liberate women by creating more practical clothes for them. She invented the bag strap because she became sick of clutching her bag. For Coco Chanel, there was never any compromise between what was practical and what was chic. The two went hand in hand.

Is there any successful high-end designer today whose main aim is to liberate women?

Now, the clutch handbag is stylish again. As are high-heeled shoes that you can't walk in, and bustiers, corsets. (Even I think bustiers and corsets are beautiful, and there are past entries on this blog about them.)

The most avant-garde contemporary designers aren't the ones increasing practicality, but people like Hussein Chalayan, who once made a table that could also be folded out into a skirt. Indeed impressive. But it is always the female body which has to be compromised within this sort of art/fashion. Menswear seldom enters the rhealm of design so innovative it's more for view than wear. There seems to be an unwritten law: unpractical but beautiful is for women only. This attitude to fashion as art is mirrored in everyday wear as well.

There was an episode of Project Runway once where the designers had to design clothes for each other. One male designer had made a pair of mens' trousers, and the judges criticized him for not having added pockets. "Without pockets, it looks like a pair of women's trousers!" Michael Kors - a womenswear designer - said, aghast. In the same episode, the judges kept saying how menswear was the hardest thing a designer could make, without ever really elaborating on why.

Could it be because men as consumers have been conditioned to expect more? Because fashion-conscious men demand function AND fit AND quality AND style? A man can buy a suit and whilst in the shop have it directly tailored to his fit.

Women have to settle for tailoring their own bodies instead.

And still we're the ones who end up with less practical clothes of lower quality.
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Gallerist chic [nov. 22e, 2009|12:16 pm]

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Française [nov. 20e, 2009|01:20 am]

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